We are about to be introduced, but first, I have a question for you. 

Medical and Health Writer

If you are like me, your answer is a definite YES!

I provide well-researched, quality medical and health content. 

Credibility proof: 

This ghostwritten piece (mentioned here with client’s permission) is on the first page for one keyword and #3 on the second page for another keyword.


200+ Projects Completed

        40+ Satisfied Clients

    40+ Positive Feedbacks    

Dr. Unber Shafique is a very good science/health writer with excellent research skills. What I especially appreciate is her commitment to factual quality. For example, during the draft review phase she discovered some information that contradicted a position taken in the initial draft. Some authors would have hidden that information to avoid more work for themselves, but Dr. Unber made the new information known to me and made appropriate corrections. This is the kind of professionalism that inspires trust.

Dr. Ramdas, Intrepid WellBeing


Unber Shafiq, medical and health writer

Hi! I am Dr. Unber, a freelance medical and health writer. A task-specific muscular condition in my left hand paved the way for me to be a medical and health writer, instead of working in a hospital setup and being someone’s favorite dentist. 

Having years of writing experience in the health industry, I write unique content that stands the test of premium plagiarism checkers and contains a high potential for ranking well on search engines.

I help my clients with an amazing, no BS content strategy and write custom content that matches the tone of their blog.

My experience and knowledge on how to differentiate authentic medical and health content from unreliable information and how to correctly summarize research results set me apart from others.

Convinced? Let’s talk business.


Unber is a treasure and definitely a great asset! She’s easy to work with, and delivers exceptional service – always on time.

Alicia Johnson, RN     

Unber did a fantastic work on the project.  Her work was of high-quality, in time, and she was always helpful and flexible. I would definitely recommend anyone to hire her.

Shlomik Silbiger, JobTestPrep

“Professional, timely and accurate.”

Dr. Kristy Taylor, Heka Healthcare Consulting

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